Take advantage of the most up-to-date research data on Utah County below, or contact EDCU's Research Department for custom reports based on your unique needs.


Custom Research

EDCUtah's research department can provide custom research to answer your business questions.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-574-UTAH or email Matt Hilburn.

Examples include:

  • Operating Cost Comparison (OCC): presents a comparison of operating costs between Utah regions and other regions in the United States. 
     Sample OCC 
  • Economic Impact Analysis (EIA): provides analyses of the economic impacts of events on local economies, including the direct, indirect, and induced employment and revenue.
     Sample EI
  • Regional Economic Overview: summarizes the economics of a region, including demographics, employment, and unemployment, average wages, education levels, etc.
     Sample Economic Overview
  • Business Lists: documents location of businesses, NAICS codes, and the number of employees for custom criteria.
     Sample Business List 
  • Occupation Report: summarizes an occupation within a region, including maps, employment, wages, training concentration, etc.
     Sample Occupation Report
  • Education Report: summarizes a selected program by CIP code in a region, including awards, occupation staffing, demographics, etc.
     Sample Education Report