Provo has put emphasis on providing its residents with the best opportunities to live the life they want without having to travel to the four corners of the earth. Our diverse population helps us provide numerous opportunities for cultural experiences, whether it be cuisine, art or conversation. Our historically new downtown can keep everyone entertained with rooftop concerts, a film festival, comedy shows, outdoor summer cinemas as well as numerous nightly events hosted by a wide variety of entertainment based businesses.      

Another improvement to life can be attributed to the advancements in travel. Public transit has made strides with the introduction of the Frontrunner commuter rail into the borders of Provo. This has made travel to the Northern parts of the valley effortless. Additionally, there will be a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) coming online in Fall of 2018, which will connect the Orem and Provo Frontrunner stations and all the major academic, commercial, and retail sites in between. The airport has also taken steps to provide more for Provo. There are now scheduled flights making it easy to plan your travels. Additionally Provo has been named one of the most bike-friendly communities in the nation. We have a substantial network of bike lanes, paths, and trails, and we continue to add more every year.

Another reason we maintain a high quality of life is that we’re working. Provo has a young, educated workforce, with access to over 60,000 students from  Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. Our unemployment levels have stayed well below the national average. On top of that, our cost of living has remained less expensive than the majority of the nation. Provo has accomplished this through great efforts including the creation of Provo Power which both supplies all Provo with power and sales power to other cities and states offering a revenue stream to the city that helps keep taxes as low as possible. And of course, Provo is willing to work to find creative solutions help a company expand or relocate here.

Provo's National Rankings and Recognition

  • #1 for business and careers (; June 2013)
  • #1 volunteering (Corporation for National and Community Service; September 2013)
  • #1 happiest city (Gallup-Healthways; April 2014)
  • #1 for well-being (Gallup-Healthways; March 2013)
  • #1 metro for IT job growth (  May 2014)
  • #2 best performing city (Milken Institute; December 2013)
  • #2 Red-Hot Town (Time Magazine's 2014), citing thecity's generous business climate, proximity to Sundance movie mecca Park City, and flourishing startup culture. 
  • #3 for educated job seekers (Brookings Institute; September 2012)
  • Top 5 Leading High-Tech Metro (The Atlantic Cities, October 2013)
  • Top 10 for best places to raise a family (; April 2013)

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