We’re Ready. When it comes to economic growth, the attitude of Santaquin’s elected and appointed officials is very positive. The community recently invested over $28M in infrastructure to assure sufficient capacity for new growth. At the same time, its fiscal responsibility and politically stable climate enable businesses and residents to pay some of the lowest utility costs in the region. The City’s Community Redevelopment Agency can consider tax incentives and opportunities for cooperative actions needed to provide gap financing. Santaquin’s tax structure is stable. Review processes are streamlined to make sure new development can move forward with less waiting time and lower cost burdens.

We Work.  The labor force within a typical commute time (60 minutes) of Santaquin is over 840,000 workers.  Our community has a strong agrarian work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.  

We’re Where You Want To Be. Santaquin is the last major crossroads for the urbanized Wasatch Front. Our quaint town of 10,000 people still enjoys the benefits of open spaces, lower traffic, and hometown feel while being close to regional amenities such as universities, shopping, and culture venues.  Land, housing, and utility prices are relatively low. A variety of affordable housing types and models are available amidst parks and quick access to national and state forest lands and recreation areas. 

We’re A Breath of Fresh Air.