Utah Valley boasts diverse industries nationally respected for their excellence, creativity, and rapid growth. They range from the tech unicorns of the Silicon Slopes to high-tech manufacturing companies such as IM Flash. All are fueled by a highly skilled, rapidly growing labor pipeline that is both tech-savvy and multi-lingual. Additionally, each sector has shown consistent employment gains. Select an industry below to learn more.

Software & Technology

By the numbers alone, Utah's Tech sector is impressive, and its rapid growth is practically common knowledge, but less well-known is the fact that of the 7,000+ tech companies in Utah, 4,000+ are in Utah County. Among them, Adobe, Vivint, Ancestry, Novell, Qualtrics, Domo, Inside Sales...the list goes on and on with many of the companies' headquarters and super sites located in the Valley.

Utah Valley is also the new standard for high-speed connectivity, with the most connected residents in the country. Adopting the Fiber infrastructure over a decade ago, high-speed internet is well-established in the area, boasting such companies as Google Fiber and Utopia.

Additionally, our world-class universities turn out a consistent and consistently growing, number of highly educated engineers, computer scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Their passion for technology is kept burning by any number of tech incubators in the region, including Startup DoJo, Boom Start Up, the UVU Business Resource Center, and the Camp 4 group. 

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the Valley is just as broad as the rest of its industries, producing everything from nanotech to cast iron. Being at the Crossroads of the West has its perks too, including easy access to raw materials, the most affordable utilities in the nation, and the ready ability to build more plants as needed. Not to mention, Union Pacific rail lines and national interstates make Utah a truly connected hub for manufacturing businesses. Companies who call Utah County home include Blend Tech, Klune industries, Boeing, Wavetronics, Temkin International, and IM-Flash, who produces 20% of the world's microchips and is a global leader in nanotechnology. 

Consumer Products

Happy Valley proudly produces a wide variety of consumer products, food products, nutraceuticals and natural products, as well as our world-famous sports and outdoor products. 

Food manufacturers enjoy unprecedented access to agricultural areas and an ease of shipping that allows them to quickly get their goods from their factories to other areas in the nation and abroad. Manufacturers include Stoffers, Norbest Turkey, Crio Bru, and many others.

The Nutraceutical and natural product industries in the area have used each other's success to bolster their own, creating a powerful cluster of companies such as NuSkin, Morinda, DoTerra, Young Living, Forever Green, Xango, Thrive, etc. They represent a truly diverse swath of products from essential oils to facial care products and supplements to nutrient rich dry food packaging.

Last, but certainly not least, Utah County's sports and outdoor product manufacturers are a natural fit for the area, with a large customer base for the companies even just in the Valley. What's more, the surrounding country is perfect for outdoor product testing, providing a range of terrains. Having the youngest median age in the nation doesn't hurt either, promising an active and enthusiastic group of consumers in close proximity to the businesses. Companies like REI, OGIO, 26.2, Big 5 Sports, and others continue to take advantage of these benefits.

Life Sciences

Top 3 reasons why your life science business needs to be in Utah Valley?

1. Utah's Life Sciences industry boasts more than 26,800 employees. This places Utah first among the western states for life science businesses per capita and second for overall industry growth. Bard Medical, BD Medical, Boston Scientific, Fresenius, ICU Medical, and Merit Medical are just a few of the companies already doing business here.

2. Cutting Edge Research. Utah boasts three research universities: Brigham Young University, Utah State University, and the University of Utah. Utah also excels in R&D, bringing in more than $400 million annually in research grants.

3. We have world-class innovators and entrepreneurs. In 2006, Utah launched USTAR (Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative), a long-term, state-funded effort to recruit top national science teams and establish state-of-the-art research innovation centers throughout the state. For example, Utah produces 70% of the world's arterial and vascular access devices. In addition, Utah is known for developing the world’s first artificial human heart, the first functional prosthetic arm, the most successful artificial heart transplant to date, and the first successful heart pump implant in 2006.

To learn more about how Utah Valley's life science industry continues to lead the nation in innovation, visit the links below:

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